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Water Damage

Water damage catastrophes occur constantly and we at The Steam Team are ready to respond to any emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a sink overflow or a burst water main, residential or commercial property, The Steam Team is dedicated to helping our customers cope with misfortunes caused by water. Our 24-hour Dallas water extraction hotline is ready to take on your emergency

The Steam Team has been providing the highest quality service and satisfaction for over 18 years. And those high standards are the core philosophies of The Steam Team.

Water Restoration Process

The Steam Team understands that water damage restoration is an emergency business. That's why we are 24/7. The fast action that The Steam Team provides is imperative to reduce suffering and save money. The primary purpose of the emergency service is to "preserve, protect and secure the property from further damage." In water damage control time is of the essence, and a prompt response is essential to minimize the damage and cost.

The cleaning staff at The Steam Team use the latest products, procedures, and equipment to assure the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for your property and furnishings.

The s ix step process using the latest equipment and supplies:

With the right equipment, and understanding the principles involved in the water damage restoration process, we are able to accurately estimate the cost of the project, thus saving you hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars.

Reducing Reconstruction

The Steam Team utilizes proven structural drying techniques. In the process, we have saved millions of dollars for our customers each year in water related floods. A water disaster require does not need to be approached old-fashioned 'rip out and replace' methods of recovery. We can dry wallboard, masonry block and concrete, insulation, paneling, ceiling tiles, wooden and metal studding, plaster walls and other structural components.

Dehumidification Service

Floods, fires, earthquakes, pipe breaks, hurricanes, tornadoes and rainstorms all lead to the water damage of homes, offices, factories, schools, stores and other buildings. Structural deterioration, corrosion and biological problems like mold and mildew are the traditional damage problem cause by water damage. The Steam Team's drying and water cleanup techniques will reduce and preserve the premises and minimize damage and cost to rehabilitate. The Steam Team provides a turnkey service which includes consultation to owners and insurers, expertise in drying all substances, equipment installation and careful monitoring of the process. The service helps disaster victims avoid costly reconstruction costs and allows them to return to their normal lives.

Deeply dehumidified air, when exposed to water damaged environments, will attract water molecules from wet substances, such as wallboard, concrete block and wood floors, drying them. After a water disaster, the ambient air is too humid to attract the molecules and quickly dry the objects. Not calling immediately The Steam Team drying services can result in the loss of property from deterioration or biological contamination which sometimes can lead to total loss.

High Tech Drying and years of experience save you money!

Time and time again satisfied customers tell us how our services seem miraculous! Sometimes-in just days!-we help them go from total devastation to business as usual. The Steam Team can help after water damage in several ways:

Hardwood Floors Restoration

The Steam Team can restore wood floors. Whether in gymnasiums, racquetball centers, department stores, theaters or homes, The Steam Team techniques can literally reverse buckling, cupping and swelling. Floors with 10 inch 'waves' have been dried and gradually returned to their normal condition, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Saving Documents, Books, and Files

Water-damaged books, documents, files, microfilm/microfiche, X-rays, blue prints, audio/video tape and artwork can all be saved. Often files can be dried in place, allowing access to records during the restoration process. Large libraries can be taken by The Steam Team to one of its drying centers for careful processing and restoration.

Arresting Post-Disaster Problems

A wide range of moisture related deterioration occurs after a building is water damaged. Wood swells, buckles or begins to rot, sheet rock loses rigidity and strength, electrical wiring corrodes, metal components rust, paint peels, and more. All of these effects can be arrested-and many reversed!-by the prompt employment of deep drying techniques.

Preserving Un-flooded Areas

Water-soaked areas create an ambient high humidity which acts upon other undamaged areas and their contents. The Steam Team prevents this by using a 'barrier of dry air' to seal-off unaffected areas from those under recovery. If left unprotected, hygroscopic materials (materials that naturally absorb moisture from the air) are affected quickly. For example, books grow mold on their covers, woodwork swells and buckles, and wall coverings mildew. Electrical systems and electronic equipment, such as computers, suffer from corrosion. The Steam Team will work with you to protect the entire building, while restoring your flooded area. When we are called in into the scene, we will inspect thoroughly the building and submit to you a reasonable time frame to complete the cleanup and give you a precise price estimate so you can hand us the key and walk away knowing the best has been trusted with your belongings.

Why is The Steam Team the choice to clean and restore?

The Steam Team utilizes the latest in equipment and methods to minimize the effects of water damage to contents and structures. Each job receives a thorough evaluation using moisture detection equipment to develop a specific balanced drying model.

Communication is a key part of our service not only with you, the customer, but also with the insurance companies. We understand the importance of communication and The Steam Team is always there to answer your questions before, during and after the catastrophe.

The Steam Team knows how important your property is to you. That's why our units respond quickly and start the recovery process immediately.

Our loyal staff of experienced professionals is IICRC certified and trained with special customer service skills to understand and and assists clients dealing with the trauma and human tragedy that water damage and natural disasterscan inflict. You can rely on The Steam Team's water extraction expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process from start to finish and get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.