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Upholstery Cleaning Dallas

Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Different upholstery requires different cleaning methods. Our technicians will assess your project and determine the best Upholstery cleaning method required to get the job done.

Testing To Match Your Cares

Safety and your desired results are our main concerns. Before proceeding to the main project we will test a small are to ensure that the end result will exceed your expectation.

Pricing to Match Your Job

There is a direct correlation between price and the risks involved. A more delicate and valuable upholstery, which obviously would require a more meticulous and time consuming procedures, our price will be reflected accordingly.

Steam Team Fabric Protector

Maintaining your home's carpet and upholstery clean and fresh with our services is the best decision you could make to breath fresher. We at The Steam Team, value your lifestyle and belongings and that is we suggest protecting your upholstery by having our well trained staff apply fabric protectant. We always suggest this fabric protectant as part of our comprehensive cleaning program.

Fabric Protection

No matter how much care you put into caring for your home cleanliness your upholstery is doomed to ge abused, Like your carpets, your upholstery will get roughed. Over the years, spills have accumulated, you find the wet dog asleep on it, the kids jump on it. You may not stop all of this from happening, but you can minimize the apparent signs of wear and tear. Let The Steam Team treat your upholstery with a fabric protectant. This treatment protect the surfaces and helps resists spills, staining and ultraviolet radiation, all of which dull the appearance of your upholstery.