Natural Stone & Ceramic Tile Cleaning

We use high pressure steam cleaning to get tile and grout cleaner than ever
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Tile & Grout: A Tough Cleaning job

Tile and grout are usually laid in areas of your home prone to high traffic, which get dirtier, faster. Maybe you have tried every product off your hardware store, you have tried to scrub harder and let's face it did not seem to have made a big difference. we, at The Steam Team, use high pressure steam to dissolve and force the dirt out of the uneven texture of the tile and grout. When we leave you will think you got yourself a new floor.

Natural Stone Cleaning

If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your floor it's time to call The Steam Team. Terrazzo, Saltillo, Slate, Granite and Limestone are beautiful stones. Every Stone has its natural characteritics, and will require different cleaning products. The Steam Team knows special techniques and can restore your natural stone. Trust us, it's makes more financial than replacing dull soiled natural flooring. The Steam Team can remove scratches, enhance and seal your floor today. Ceramic Tile Cleaning dallas

We are able to clean:


Classified as a "rough" material with a low absorption. Slate can be found both an interiors and exteriors, and rarely have a high polish unless a coating is placed on it. Slate can be a problem for its high content of clay, especially in wet areas, and can develop efflorescence easily. A good quality silicone impregnator sealer can protect the stone and generated more durability. A color enhanced can be applied also in this type of floor, to create a colorful look of the stone.


Granite is an extremely hard natural stone with low porosity, normally given a polished finish. Granite is formed by volcanic action, and is an acid and scratch resistant as well. Granite paving is not usually treated; in this case waterproofing the material is recommended, especially if is laid in places such kitchens or bathrooms.


The appearance of the terrazzo is more uniform than most natural stone, and is available in tile forms or by pouring application on the slab. Stone Tile CleaningTerrazzo is a mixture of Portland cement and Marble chips. These chips can range in size from a fraction of an inch to as large to several inches. The very good side about Terrazzo is it can be ground, honed and polish just like Marble and can be easily mistaken for Granite.


Essentially limestone that has been formed in hot springs. Natural Stone Cleaning DallasWater movement caused the erosion of the stone creating numerous holes of varying sizes. A polished travertine will have its holes filled with color-matched Portland cement filler. These fillers do not take a high polish and therefore the overall polish tends to look blotchy.


Flagstone is the term given to almost all-stone material cut into thin, irregular shapes. Found extensively on sidewalks, foyer entrance, pool decks, etc..., flagstone can be almost any material but is commonly the SANDSTONE type. Flagstone should not be ground and should only be cleaned and sealed.