Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Dallas

The Steam Team uses a sand less hardwood floor refinishing process
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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Dallas

What exactly does your dust-free hardwood floor refinishing do?

Basically, we clean and refinish your wood floor and bring back life to it. Our cleaning and refinishing process extracts just about everything that shouldn't be on your floor, like coffee, crayon, ink, shoe polish, juice stains, adhesive, tar, paint, scuff marks, oil and grease. We get everything off except the urethane, which blends with our special finish.

How long does the cleaning take?

There are a several factors that influence the amount of time it will take us to finish the job, such as if we will be moving and replacing your furniture, the number of rooms we will be servicing, and how high the humidity is, which will add time to the curing process. But generally speaking, four and six hours ia how long it takes us to complete the job from beginning to end.. For a more specific time, just give us a call so we can evaluate cleaning and refinishing service! We'll be more than happy to discuss the details of your floors with you!

How long does it last?

There are many variables that go into determining durability, but generally speaking, with adequate care a floor finished by us will last for years to come. Our premium polymer has the same properties as urethane, and so the durability is very much similar.

Does it fix gaps in the floor boards?

The only remedy to fixing gaps in floor boards is to completely replace the boards or the floor. Some floors we have serviced have large gaps, and the owners love that rustic look!

We were told our Hardwood floors can't be sanded again. Is that true?

Floor boards, which are finished wood, are generally very thin. Most floors can only be sanded between one and three times. There are several reasons a floor can't be sanded, such as: moisture has crept into the boards, the nails are showing but the board is too thin to reset them, or the floor is warped and uneven. There are two good things we can tell you though. Our process never harms the wood! Also, we have done hardwood refinishing floors with one, two, or all of the problems above-mentioned and had outstanding results! It is always worth giving us a chance to see what we can do with your floor before you consider replacing it!

We have several spots from various things on our floor. Will they come out?

We are always completely honest when we come to servicing your floors. We will tell you the stains we know will come out, point out the ones that might, and show you the ones that may be up in the air. Every floor and condition is unique, but we not only try our best to get your floors clean, the only thing people will notice is the shine of the finish. There are many factors when it comes to the hardwood cleaning process, to determine what will or won't come out. These include the type of wood, how much urethane is on it, or for that matter, what other chemicals are on it, and what type of stain it is. The soonest you address the issues the higher your chances are to get them solved

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Step 1 - Visual Inspection

We will join you in the inspection to be sure that we have located all damaged areas and concerns. Another purpose of the inspection is to determine if we can restore the appearance level with the Bridgepoint System or if a more aggressive restoration will be required, including sanding, staining and refinishing.

Step 2 - Hardwood Floor Damage Repair

We will fill in the cracks, gouges and separations with Bridgepoint Wood Patch. Our technicians will mix colors to match if we don't have exactly the right color.

Step 3 - Complete Cleaning and Abrasion

Hardwood Floor Refinishing DallasThis step will remove all loose and embedded soil. It will take off scuff marks and, through mild abrasion, will remove the surface layer of the old finish. This prepares the floor for the optimal conditions for the the next finish to be applied. The entire process is dust free.

Step 4 - Initial Sealer Coat of Finish

Step 5 - Final Finish Coat

You can choose between semi-gloss or matte (satin) finish.

Now you have added years to the life of your hardwood floors, and have a beautiful, durable finish that will protect, beautify and add years to the life of your hardwood floors.

The same process can be applied to other fine hardwood furnishings, cabinets, tables, desks to restore their new look and protect them from further damage. Preventive maintenance will keep your most expensive and precious belongings in great conditions.

Did you know?

The Bridgepoint System is completely dust-free. Unlike the sanding process that produces a lot of dust that will take months to clean, this process is the most innovative cleaning system.

You can walk on the floor in your stockings at that time. Furniture may be moved back in 4 hours and rugs after 12 hours. Don't allow shoes on the floor for the first 24 hours. After that, your new finish is hardened and ready for normal use.